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Serious Strength: Core & Balance Video Download


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Video Download: Serious Strength: Core & Balance

If you are serious about getting a strong core with kick-butt abs, then this Core and Balance Serious Strength workout is your new challenge! Throw away everything you’ve done in your traditional core workouts like crunches or sit-ups and pick up those heavy weights! This core muscle workout uses dumbbells for an instability challenge that creates muscle contractions in your mid-section you’ve likely never felt before! Our trainer Leah Zahner does a fantastic job of challenging you to new and creative ideas, but gives you tons of options to modify in case some of the moves are too much for you to start. In addition, trainers Chris Freytag and Lindsey Bomgren take part in this core muscle workout and give some great modifications to give you options. As part of our Serious Strength Program series, this workout is all about being smart by using heavy weights to get to your goals! Don’t be afraid of picking up those weights!