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eBook: Veggie Handbook

Your Guide to Eating More Vegetables and Becoming a Healthier U

It’s probably not a surprise to you that vegetables are full of nutrients, antioxidants, and key vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly. They’re known to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases and improve everything from your digestion and cholesterol to your skin and mood! But did you know that 87 percent of us are not reaching the recommended daily amount of 2-3 cups of veggies per day?

“Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients. Meaning if you don’t have them you die. This is why they are called vita-mins. Because the are vital for life.” – Dr Mark Hyman

Getting those servings in can be tough, which is why you need this comprehensive guide of creative, unique, yet simple ways to prep and cook every veggie under the sun. This 62-page guidebook goes over each and every vegetable, it’s nutrition profile, how it can benefit your body, and then delicious ways to cook with it! Learn how to seamlessly incorporate healthy veggies into your everyday meals with the ULTIMATE guide to the best thing for you!


  • 28 Different Veggies—each with its own nutrition profile and list of benefits
  • 3 ways to prepare each veggie
  • How to pick, prep, cut, and wash different veggies
  • Tips on how to keep your product fresh
  • Easy tips for meal prep
  • Did we mention this is a 62-page guide?! Get all the info you’ll ever need to make getting your daily veggies second-nature and truly delicious. Make friends with veggies and change the way you eat and the way you feel!

    62 page Digital PDF eBook Download

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