Chris Freytag

10-Minute Foam Rolling Recovery

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   16  mins

Are you feeling tight, achy, or chronically sore? Ready for some relief? Many of us who finally start making the time for regular workouts forget the importance of real recovery for our bodies. After all, we are busy! We think, “I can barely squeeze in my regular workouts, so adding something else seems impossible.” The truth is that just a few minutes can help lead you on the road to feeling better. Join Chris Freytag for this 10-minute foam rolling recovery as she leads you down the road to feeling better now. But look out—you might make a new habit of it!

Foam rolling recovery is a technique used to provide myofascial release, similar to what happens in a deep tissue massage. The fascia in your body is like a giant web surrounding all of your muscles and connective tissue. This fascia can become very tight and create adhesions or “knots,” which leads to more soreness and discomfort. Foam rolling recovery has been shown to be one of the best ways to minimize the post-workout DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness.) In addition, foam rolling could also improve your workouts by literally warming your muscles, helping loosen up the tissues and joints and increase range of motion. This gives you a more effective workout and helps protect you from injury.

During this 10-minute foam rolling muscle recovery, Chris will show you the proper technique for foam rolling and feeling better. You’ll start by rolling over the muscle 9 or 10 times to get it warmed up. Then, you slowly roll over the muscle until you find an adhesion (feels like a knot or bump). You will learn how important it is to take deep breaths while you hold the roller on that adhesion. You’ll also learn how to move the muscle using a cross-fiber technique to break up that little lump you found! Give your body this 10 minutes and feel some relief!

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