Sam Cameranesi

10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Sam Cameranesi
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Duration:   12  mins

Welcome to our 10-minute jump rope workout! This is a fantastic cardio challenge for anyone who loves to jump rope—with or without the actual rope! Join trainer Sam Cameranesi as she takes you through a fun, challenging, calorie-burning workout that will push you in a whole new way!

The beauty of training with a jump rope is that 10-minutes is truly all you need! This is a great way to challenge your intensity and push yourself to new limits. You can head out to any store and grab a decent jump rope for less than ten dollars. Using the actual rope promotes not only a great cardio challenge, but also some amazing agility and brain-body coordination. Even without a jump rope, this workout is totally legit!

In this 10-minute jump rope workout you’ll go through circuits of jump rope training moves for your heart, combined with various bodyweight strength moves that will tone and shape your muscles. You’ll start this awesome jump rope workout with some basic jump rope moves to get your system fired up, then transition to a set of leg squats to build strength in your lower body as well as toning and shaping those leg muscles. As soon as your squats are over, it’s time for another round using the jump rope. By this time you’ll know you’ve turned on the fat burn as your sweat starts to drip!

Next up is a set of lunges followed by more jumping and some push-ups, because, well, push-ups are awesome! The workout finishes off with a little core strength to seal the deal, and BOOM—you’ve killed it in just 10 minutes! Follow this workout with our 10-Minute Total Body Firm Up and you’ve done it all!

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2 Responses to “10-Minute Jump Rope Workout”

  1. WILMA

    Thank you 🙏 this was nice, short and fun!

  2. Donna Bobier

    I cannot get the videos to play

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