Jodi Sussner

10 Minute Kettlebell Routine

Jodi Sussner
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Duration:   11  mins

If you are short on time but need an awesome workout this kettlebell routine is for you! Our 10 Minute Kettlebell Blast is a killer workout that shapes all your major muscles while getting your heart pumping and burning lots of calories in just 10 minutes. Join trainer Jodi Sussner as she guides you through smart, safe ways to incorporate the kettlebell into your workout routine. Don’t have a kettlebell? They are available everywhere and you only need one! Want a bit more help getting started? Check out our Kettlebell Tutorial before you get moving!

Kettlebells are weighted balls with a handle attached, which allow the weight to swing and move as you move it from place to place. Unlike the dumbbell, which has a fixed position – equal on both sides – the kettlebells allows for more movement, bigger range of motion and the activation of more muscles. Kettlebell training is a super-efficient way to train. A kettlebell routine gives you training that is a more fluid, motion-based and dynamic form of exercise, which taps into your central nervous system and relies on the activation of multiple muscles for each and every movement. Kettlebells will give you strong muscles as well as burning fat and calories through cardio. Win win!

In this kettlelbell routine Jodi will take you through moves like single deadlifts to shape your booty, torso rotations to whittle your waistline, high pull for hips and shoulders and the 2-handed swing that will get your heart rate pumping and calories burning! Of course no workout is complete without some push-ups and you’ll love the kettlebell version! In just 10 minutes you will be amazed at how much you’ve accomplished and how great you feel! And don’t forget, we have more 10-minute workouts that you are going to love! And now that you’re a pro with the kettlebell, try a bunch of other kettlebell workouts with our Raise Some Bell videos!

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2 Responses to “10 Minute Kettlebell Routine”

  1. Anamika Das

    I recently bought 15lbs kettlebell. I am female. Is it ok fir the weight? My height is 5'2". And weight is 52kg agd 36 years. I want to get more strength. My belly is fatty. I want to strengthen my core by reducing my belly fat and building propper proper muscles in body.What soecific exercises can I do?

  2. Joyce

    enjoyed it Jodi!

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