10-Minute Stretch and Flexibility 1

Duration: 11:41

Follow along with this 10-Minute stretch routine after your next workout! Whether you’ve just completed a HIIT workout, total body strength or a cardio workout, this stretch workout is the best way to actively cool down your muscles. Designed to relieve tight muscles and ensure your body is ready to move again tomorrow, this workout is for all fitness levels.

Here is why stretching is so important:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Increases Range of Motion
  • Improves Performance

While training and exercising is important for our bodies, stretching keeps our muscles flexible and helps prevent injury. As athletes (yes we are all athletes if we move our bodies), we need to recover as hard as we train. Join trainer Sam Cameranesi as she leads you through a new stretching routine with some exercises you may have never tried before. Tight hamstrings? She’s got you covered. Tight quads? Yup, we’ve got that covered too! In just 10-minutes, you will learn new stretching exercises and proper tips and tricks on how to perform each movement.

Remember, stretching at times can feel “uncomfortable,” however, it should never be painful. If you feel pain while stretching, pull back and decrease your range of motion. Overtime, your muscles will adapt and increase your overall range of motion. So the next time you finish your workout, take the extra 10-minutes to properly cool down your muscles. The trainers at Get Healthy U TV are here not only to help you workout hard, but we are also here to help you recover so you can come back stronger tomorrow! Pair this with our Total Body Stretch 2 video for another way to stretch the body post workout!

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