Leah Zahner

10-Minute Towel Pyramid Workout

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   12  mins

Looking for muscle strength and cardio all in one ten minute workout? This fun pyramid workout will tone your muscles and work your total body in just 10 minutes. All you need for this pyramid workout is a towel and your own bodyweight. Pyramid workouts are super fun because you are constantly changing up the exercises. No time for boredom and it goes by quickly! You will get a variety of moves that you do for one rep and then start over and do each move two times. You will keep building the numbers until you are sweating!

The great thing is that one rep of each move will help get you warmed up and the engines started but by the time you get your higher reps you are not warming up but rather working hard! And better yet, just when you think you’ve hit your limit, the reps start going back down and you begin to feel relief! Another great thing is that most of what you do in this workout is low impact so no worries about bad knees or a sore back. Be sure to check out our other low-impact interval workout too!

By using a simple towel, trainer Leah Zahner is able to help you work every part of your body with basic, simple moves that strengthen your muscles and get your heart pumping. It’s amazing what can be done with just a towel! Don’t have a good towel to use? You can find an old t-shirt, a strap or a band.

In this pyramid workout you will do everything from squats for lower body to push-ups and tricep presses for upper body. You’ll also get roll ups for core body along with other awesome toning exercises. Plus- a whole boatload of jumping jacks to burn off those extra calories. This is a fun and exciting workout for anyone! If you like the pyramid style, be sure and check out our Total Body Pyramid Power as well!

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5 Responses to “10-Minute Towel Pyramid Workout”


    Great short & challenging workout!

  2. Sally

    That was awesome! I'm in a hotel room -- one towel on the ground, the other in my hands. Really feel it in my shoulders, and my heart rate is up! Thanks Leah!

  3. Michelle Barham

    I liked it and you can towel yourself off afterwards 😀👍

  4. Sandra

    Great use of the towel!

  5. LISA

    Done want sure at first but it got my heartrate up and now im ready for express walk N TONE.

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