Chris Freytag

Ab Crusher Circuit Workout

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   8  mins

Are you ready for an effective core circuit workout that will give you lean and defined abs? This fun, 10-minute ab circuit will have you feeling the burn as you strengthen your core! Starting with a quick warm up, Chris will explain the intervals involved. There will be 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest between each exercise – just enough to transition between each move and catch your breath!

You’ll need a set of weights for this core circuit workout. We’ll incorporate several powerhouse moves designed to tone all parts of your core, including the ever-important transverse abdominus, which makes up your “lower abs.” Think of this area as a belt that goes all around your body and tightens your abs while protecting your low back—it’s the area most of us want to flatten and tone the most! Starting with a bend and extend move, you’ll roll through your core, working not only your abdominals but also your shoulders. Chris will provide plenty of encouragement and motivation—along with potential modifications if needed—to guide you along in this core circuit workout.

Next it’s onto Russian twists, another move that will work that transverse abdominus and help flatten and tone those lower abs. Next, are side plank dips that will also work your obliques. After that, Chris will guide you through froggy crunches and dolphin dives, encouraging you to keep your energy up! Get the most out of each targeted move by keeping your spine long, creating stability through your core, and not forgetting to breathe! Lastly, you’ll work on glute bridges, incorporating your inner thighs as well as all your core muscles.

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All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiments of any kind.

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2 Responses to “Ab Crusher Circuit Workout”

  1. Shakoora

    What pound of weights are you using?

  2. B K Shah

    need to see d video

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