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LIFT - Low Impact Cardio and Core Workout

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Duration:   34  mins

This low impact cardio and core workout will get your heart rate up while toning and sculpting your core muscles using your own bodyweight. LIFT is all about low impact functional training. The low impact cardio is a way to stay gentle on your joints while keeping intensity high for a great calorie burn. The core exercises will definitely have you feeling strong and tight in your mid-section while giving you a great foundation for good posture and a strong lower back. This video doesn’t require any equipment so you only need your body and energy following trainer Jodi Sussner for an explosive, fun workout. In addition, Chris Freytag will be part of the workout to show modifications to anyone who needs them. No matter what level you are at you can find a way to move!

This workout is set up for you to do one core exercise for 30 seconds followed by a cardio move for 30 seconds. You’ll repeat each block 4 times. By the last few sets you’re going to feel your core and you’ll know the move well enough to be able to work a little harder. Don’t expect boring crunches during this workout! These moves are unique and fun. They will keep your brain working in addition to your body. And don’t be surprised to work your glutes as well! This isn’t something we were trying to sneak in on you. Your core includes your glutes.

It’s hard to believe you can work this hard with just low impact cardio moves, but you absolutely do! Sweat will be dripping and heart will be pounding with this low impact cardio and core! If you love this workout try our 2-Mile low impact endurance walk. And for more great core work check out our quick cardio core circuit!

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