Hip-Hop Grooves

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Duration:   1  hrs

If you are ready to literally shake up your workout routine and truly have fun while you move, Hip-Hop Grooves with Twitch is just the fix you need! Known for both his role as Ellen’s sidekick and his amazing dance skills from So You Think You Can Dance, Twitch will take you on a journey through simple but fun moves that will make you smile while you sweat and burn calories!

Whether you are a dancer at heart or have never even heard of a grapevine, Twitch makes it simple for even the very beginner. The video is divided into 5 simple sections that you can choose from piece by piece or do all at once for a full hour of fun. You’ll start with a warm-up just to get your body loose and ready to move. Learn the basic hip-hop moves including the two-step, slide and a simple grapevine. Then you’ll find a series of four more dance workouts. Each section will teach you a full dance routine by breaking it down into short, easy patterns.

Hip-Hop Down Grooves is first up. This is where you’ll get a feel for learning the simple eight-count patterns and how to move to the beat. Next up is Hip-Hop Back Rock which teaches you how to use a back rock throughout, while sprinkling in Twitch’s favorite move “The Prep” along with jazz squares and more. Hip-Hop Circular Grooves comes next and it is based on moving your body in circular motions. Get ready to bounce, swing your arms and learn “The Cabbage Patch! Last but definitely not least is Hip-Hop Party Grooves. If you ever find yourself at a party or wedding dance saying to yourself, “I got nothin”, you’ll want this routine! “The Reebok”, “Biz Marquee”, “Bart Simpson” and “The Butterfly” have entered your vocabulary!

Hip-Hop Grooves is proof that exercise CAN be fun! Don’t miss this sweat dance party!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Bodyweight
Instructor: Twitch

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