Benjamin Allen

GROOV3 Fitness Dance Choreography

Benjamin Allen
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Duration:   4  mins

If you enjoyed the main dance workouts in GROOV3, you’ll love this quick video with bonus choreography you can add on for an extra challenge! You’ll get your whole body moving with this fun fitness dance choreography led once again by Benjamin Allen. You could use this bonus choreography as a quick dance warm-up or add it onto the previous workouts, too. You don’t need any dance experience to get your body moving to this upbeat fitness dance choreography, just a little room to groove.

Ben will lead you through the choreography, breaking it down by each movement, and then he’ll show you how to put it together in a quick dance segment you’ll flow through together. This quick video only takes a couple minutes to watch, and you can incorporate these new dance moves in your other workouts or do this segment on its own to practice your coordination and warm up your body. Dancing is one of the best workouts around because it engages your whole body and helps you burn calories while also building confidence. You might be surprised at how much you like these upbeat dance workouts and make them part of your weekly workout regimen.

Once you’ve performed the main dance workouts in this program, this quick fitness dance choreography segment offers a fun new way to test your dancing skills and learn some new movements. Benjamin offers encouragement throughout all of these dance workouts to help you have fun and let go of your inhibitions. Doing these dance workouts in the comfort of your own home helps you build confidence as you burn calories and engage your mind and body in movement! If you’re looking for more dance workouts, try our Just Dance and Sweating Sexy dance programs.

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Bodyweight
Instructor: Benjamin Allen

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