Shannon Tietz

Lower Body HIIT 2

Shannon Tietz
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Duration:   24  mins

Join Shannon Tietz for this booty burning Lower Body HIIT 2 workout. This is another one of our favorite Tabata style interval programs.

This lower body HIIT workout is made up of Tabata-style intervals which consist of 20 seconds of all-out effort followed by 10 seconds of active recovery eight cycles in a row, totaling four minutes. We’ll do four Tabata intervals in total with 45 seconds in-between each interval—just enough time to catch your breath and go again.

This HIIT lower body workout is an all-out, effective workout that targets your legs and buns to build strength and stamina while jump-starting your metabolism. With HIIT workouts, you push yourself and accomplish more in less time!

Modifications are given for those who need or want it. Get ready to feel your muscles burn!

If you are looking for more fun and challenging Tabata style workouts, check out Lower Body HIIT 1 and Dumbbell HIIT 2.

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