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Morning Stretch Yoga

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   3  mins

One of the best ways to start your day is with some quick morning yoga stretches. It can be so helpful to loosen the muscles, warm up your back and shoulders, and help you mentally prepare for the day ahead. In this short video, Chris will lead you through a series of gentle morning yoga stretches designed to wake up your body and center your mind.

Starting in child’s pose, you’re going to bring your glutes to your heels, splay your knees on the mat or floor, and drop your belly between your knees as you drop your forehead to the floor. You’ll stretch here and feel it all the way through your sacrum, shoulders and back. You’ll breathe deeply as you inhale and exhale through the nose. Next, you’ll move straight into cobra pose, pulling your body forward and dropping your hip flexors to the mat. Softening your elbows, you’ll stay here momentarily before toggling between these two poses to warm up your body and stretch your spine.

After that, you’ll come onto all fours for cat/cow stretch. You’ll round your spine like a cat and then take the crown of your head away from your tailbone for cow, rounding and releasing as you flow between these two postures. You’ll then tuck your toes under and push your hips to the sky for downward-facing dog. Chris will explain the proper form for each of these morning yoga stretches and encourage you to stay in tune with your breath as you toggle between each pose. You’ll flow between high plank and downward dog before coming into ragdoll pose to really shake out the body and energize it for the day ahead. Rolling up one vertebrae at a time, you’ll come into a full body roll up as you take a deep breath in and prepare to start your day!

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  1. JANE

    The link is missing.

  2. Diane

    Great morning stretch!

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