• 10 Minute Tabata Interval Workout

    10 Minute Tabata Interval Workout

    Can you get a solid workout in just 10 minutes? This tabata interval workout proves that yes, you can! Chris Freytag will take you through a 10 minute total body routine with this tabata interval workout you can do at home. All you’ll need is a little space and a set of dumbbells–she uses 10

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  • Medicine Ball Circuit

    10 Minute Medicine Ball Circuit

    If you have 10 minutes, you have time to burn some calories in this quick medicine ball circuit workout. All you’ll need is a weighted medicine ball and a little space. You can use an 8, 6, or 4 pound medicine ball, or you can also use a basketball if you don’t have a medicine

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  • Indoor Walking Workout

    Indoor Walking Workout for Beginners

    Want a quick indoor walking workout to get your heart pumping and burn some calories? If you’re just getting started with exercise or getting back to your workouts after some time off, this indoor walking workout for beginners is perfect for you! Chris Freytag will lead you through this 10-minute routine, encouraging you to do

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  • Are you Getting Enough Protein Daily?

    Getting Enough Protein Daily

    How do you know if you’re getting enough protein each day? In this short video, Chris Freytag talks about the importance of getting enough protein and how to tell if you’re meeting your daily requirement. To start, it should be noted that the amount of protein you need each day depends on a variety of…

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  • Woman stretching on a green yoga mat

    How to do a Full-Body Roll-Up

    Bored with crunches and want a new move to work your abs and strengthen your core? Try this Pilates-inspired move, called a Full Body Roll-Up. A Full-Body Roll Up works all your abdominal and back muscles, and is a great exercise to practice to sculpt a sleeker stomach. Watch in this short video as Chris…

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  • Woman holding a plank on a pink exercise mat

    Exercises to Strengthen Back Muscles

    Looking to strengthen your low back? Watch this short video as Chris Freytag demonstrates four exercises to strengthen back muscles that you might not have tried before. They require zero equipment—just a little space and a soft surface. These four exercises to strengthen back muscles not only help you sculpt a lean physique, but also…

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  • Woman doing a pilates stretch on a yoga mat

    How to Perform a Double Leg Stretch

    Want a new way to work your abs without doing crunches? Try this Pilates-inspired move: the double leg stretch. In this short video, Chris Freytag will demonstrate how to perform a double leg stretch to work your abdominals and create core strength. This move can be done anywhere, at anytime, using just your own body…

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  • Woman doing a core workout on a green mat

    Sweeping Scissors Ab Exercise

    Everyone wants lean, sculpted abs, but doing crunches over and over can get boring—not to mention it’s ineffective. If you want to create amazing abs, you need to mix up your core work and do a variety of moves that target different abdominal exercises. A great bodyweight exercise for sculpting lean abs is called sweeping…

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  • Woman doing a side lunge

    How to do Side Lunges

    Lunges are among the best bodyweight exercises around. Why? You can do them anywhere, at any time, no equipment required, and they’re an effective way to target the legs, glutes, and thighs. While traditional lunges are great, it can be fun to mix it up with other variations like side lunges, which help you target…

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