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Squat Variations

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   1  mins

Are you bored with your typical bodyweight exercises? Get ready to mix it up as Chris leads you through four different squat variations that will keep your muscles guessing and give you the results you want: a toned lower body.

Squats are not only a great lower body exercise but incorporating multiple squat variations in your workout keeps your mind in the game and your routine more fun. It also keeps your muscles engaged and is great for getting results. So if you’ve recently hit a weight loss plateau or aren’t seeing the results you want from your bodyweight moves, you need to keep surprising your body with new moves like these squat variations.

First, make sure you’ve got the basics of how to do squat down. Chris will then guide you through the proper form for four different squat variations: wide squats, narrow squats, walking squats, and yogi squats. For the wide squat, you’ll take your feet even wider than shoulder-width apart and sit back into your chair position. Chris will ensure you’re performing each move correctly, bringing your hands forward for counter-balance if you prefer, and keeping your knees tracking over your toes.

The next move she’ll demonstrate is the narrow squat, when you bring your feet closer to hip-width apart, sitting back into that chair pose again and keeping your knees tracking over your toes. Move number three of your squat variations will be walking squats, where you step side to side in lateral motion, keeping your chest and heart lifted. Lastly, for yogi squats, you’ll bring your body closer to the ground, have your heels in and toes out, and drop your buns down to the ground. You’ll see this move performed in many yoga workouts. The elbows come to the inside of the knee to open up your hips, sitting up nice and deep.

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