• 10-Minute Barre Strength Workout

    10-Minute Barre Strength Workout

    Ready for a little booty lift with shoulder sculpting on the side? Come along with trainer Lindsey Bomgren for this 10-minute barre strength workout. Barre Strong is an amazing total body barre workout you will sculpt every muscle in your body and boost your heart rate for the complete package in just 10 minutes. Pairing…

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  • Low Impact Barre Cardio Workout

    Low Impact Barre Cardio Workout

    WHAT IT IS This 10-minute low impact barre cardio workout is designed to help you tone and tighten your legs, butt and core while getting your heart pumping and calories burning. Using nothing but bodyweight, we keep it simple but effective drawing from the foundation of barre training known for it’s amazing results. Adding a…

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  • Woman doing a core workout on a pink exercise mat

    10 Minute Barre Core Workout

    If you are ready to sculpt your core and tone your body then Barre is an amazing choice for you! This 10 Minute barre core workout led by Lindsey Bomgren will help you sculpt and tone your midsection, bringing you closer to tighter abs in just 10 minutes! Plus you’ll get some great work for…

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  • Quick Barre Workout

    Quick Barre Workout

    When you want a quick workout to tone your legs, glutes, abs, and arms, Barre is an amazing choice. Through the power of isometric holds, functional strength training, and “pulses” which are deceptively tiny movements that will leave your legs shaking, this quick barre workout packs a major punch. Led by Lindsey Bomgren, this quick…

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