Lindsey Bomgren

10-Minute Barre Strength Workout

Lindsey Bomgren
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Duration:   10  mins

Ready for a little booty lift with shoulder sculpting on the side? Come along with trainer Lindsey Bomgren for this 10-minute barre strength workout. Barre Strong is an amazing total body barre workout you will sculpt every muscle in your body and boost your heart rate for the complete package in just 10 minutes. Pairing traditional barre moves with strength training you get toning, lifting and all over body strengthening all at once! You’ll never believe how much you can accomplish in 10 short minutes. New to barre? Check out our Beginners Guide to Barre to help you get started. This video is so user-friendly you’ll be able to follow right along, so grab a light pair of light dumbbells or skip the weights and do the moves free hand. Either way, you’ll love this workout.

Lindsey will guide you through a short warm-up and then move you right into a plank series that is sure to help flatten your belly and strengthen your whole core. Next it’s on to moves like a stationary lunge with bicep curl, plie’ with front raise, and lateral lunges to target your backside! Need some tricep work? You get that too. There’s not a muscle that misses out on the all over fun in this barre strength workout.

Just getting back into shape? No worries! Lindsey will give you modifications to help you along. Maybe you put the weights down or perhaps hold onto a chair for balance. She’ll provide the options, you provide the hard work. Together you’ll get one great workout with no impact on your joints or connective tissue. These moves will get your heart rate up for sure, but we also have a great Barre Cardio Workout to try as well! Your heart raise will rise and you’ll feel that same cardio sensation as you go from move to move. Want more? Try our Total Body Barre Workout to add to the fun!

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2 Responses to “10-Minute Barre Strength Workout”

  1. Karen Paulson

    Great routine!

  2. ROBIN

    Fast paced but very effective. Will do again.

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