Ultimate Abs Calendar

This ab workout routine will help you strengthen your core and sculpt a killer six pack. Using a combination of our HIIT, Power 20, Definitions, and Move to Lose series, you’ll experience everything from kickboxing to Pilates-inspired moves. All of these workouts are designed to target specific muscles in your abdomen. Stubborn belly fat can be the hardest to banish, but with this 28-day ab workout routine you’ll be on your way to defining your abs and strengthening your core. Abdominal strength is essential for just about every workout, as well as everyday activities.

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiments of any kind.

  • 30 Minute Core HIIT

    This 30-minute HIIT ab workout is High Intensity Interval Training. It uses short, intense bursts of movement that will increase your heart rate while boosting your calorie burn like no other workout you’ve tried. This 30-minute HIIT ab workout is core-body focused, allowing you to strengthen and tone your entire core body, encompassing both your back and abs.

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  • Core Blast Pilates

    This Pilates-inspired workout will sculpt your core and give you defined, sexy abs and increased core body strength. As a Pilates-trained instructor, Chris will guide you through each methodical move, designed to target specific muscles in your core.

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  • Cardio Kickbox

    This is a cardio-based workout with simple and effective boxing moves that will get your heart pumping in no time. Constant but not complicated drills including kicks, punches, and blocks will blast fat while boosting your self-confidence. It’s a fast-paced cardio kickboxing routine that’s easy on your joints. This cardio kickboxing routine is a steady, cardio-paced workout that’s full of punches, jabs, kicks and blocks. These powerful boxing moves will get you in your aerobic zone, allowing you to burn fat and calories while feeling strong and confident.

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  • Muffin Top Melter

    The muffin top melter is only 10 minutes of intense core work, but after you try it once, you’ll see why it’s no joke. Get down to business with nine exercises in a row; forty-five seconds each. Using all core muscles, this intense muffin top melter incorporates your abs and back and strengthens the entire core body.

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  • Pilates Abs

    This 10-minute Pilates ab workout is a great introduction to core workouts using a resistance band. The resistance band allows for greater resistance throughout the entire range of motion of each move. These Pilates-inspired moves engage all of the abdominal muscles and help you lengthen and tone your entire body. Chris will give you the Pilates basics along with proper positioning to help you get maximum benefits from this workout.

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  • 10 Minute Workout

    This 10-minute workout is a great lower-body routine filled with targeted exercises to firm up your backside and its appearance. Use this quick booty blast as an add-on to any of your daily workouts or try it on its own to sculpt and tone your lower body.

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  • 10-Minute Belly Blast

    Our belly blast is a great 10-minute ab workout filled with targeted exercises to improve your core strength and appearance. Use this 10-minute ab workout as an add-on to any of your daily workouts or try it several times a week as a standalone to help develop a firmer, stronger core.

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  • Pilates Abs

    This quick Pilates-inspired workout introduces you to ab workouts using a stability ball. The stability ball helps improve your balance and core engagement as you balance on top of it to do your workout. This Pilates core workout with stability ball is filled with moves to lengthen and tone your body.Engaging the transverse abdominis, which is the low ab muscle that is the key to achieving more sculpted abs, you’ll learn the basics of Pilates, proper form, and how to see results from this Pilates core workout with stability ball.

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