How Having a Personal Trainer Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


If you’ve struggled to shed the baby weight for good, have lost motivation to exercise, or the couch sounds more appealing than the gym after a long day at work, you’re not alone. Many people get overwhelmed by the thought of starting an exercise regimen, unsure of where to start and stressed out by merely the thought of starting something new. When you hire a personal trainer, you instantly have an accountability partner—someone who will hold you to your workouts and keep pushing you to get the results you want. But with busy lives, how many of us can say we can truly dedicate the time to drive to a gym, spend money on hiring a personal trainer, and then spend the time to meet with them each week?

The easier answer is this: joining a support community like Get Healthy U TV. With Get Healthy U TV, I’ve created step-by-step workout calendars that show you exactly what moves to do each day of the week to get the body you’ve always wanted. From beginner programs like Move to Lose to more advanced HIIT workouts, each program has specific information on what fitness level it was designed for, what equipment you’ll need, and length of time. Throughout each of these classes, I’ll be there, motivating you every step of the way and reminding you that YES U CAN! Read more…

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