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Video Download: HIIT Core Burner

Challenge your ab muscles with this 30 minute HIIT core workout! Using tabata style intervals, you’ll get your heart pumping while targeting your midsection from every angle. Study after study shows that the best way to truly burn fat, shed calories, and change your body is to engage in high intensity interval training or “Hiit”. These short, intense bursts of energy push your heart rate and lungs to the max for more calorie burn and more effective change.

In this HIIT core workout trainers Jodi Sussner and Lindsay Bomgren use a combination of cardio and core exercises to torch calories and flatten your tummy all in one workout! Alternating between the core and the cardio is magic potion that is going to get you the results you want. Jodi will give you the power moves with impact and jumps while Lindsay shows you the low impact options. These two ladies are the one-two punch you need to push you and encourage you all in the same breath!