Shelley Hawkins

10-Minute Legs and Glutes Workout 1

Shelley Hawkins
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Duration:   14  mins

So you want some great legs and gorgeous glutes but you don’t have time for long workouts? You definitely need to try this amazing 10-minute leg and glute workout! During these fast, fun 10 minutes, we’ll target your lower body muscles with strength and cardio moves to burn some calories and get your heart rate pumping. Join trainer Shelly Hawkins for this high energy, 10-minute lower body blast and give yourself a some sore legs and glutes as a souvenier!

During this leg and glute workout each lower body circuit consists of 45 seconds performing a solid lower body strength exercise using weights followed immediately by a 15-second lower body blast interval that will get your heart rate to soar and your muscles burning! Imagine 45 seconds of weighted squats followed by 15 seconds of squat jumps! Or picture 45 seconds of weighted lunges followed by 15 seconds of jump lunges. Toning your legs and glutes has never been so fun and so effective all in 10 minutes.

So many people are under the impression that in order to improve your body you need to spend hours in the gym. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Two things are crucial for getting in shape: strength training and interval training. This workout does BOTH! Using weights you will do slow, steady strength training moves to build muscle and shape and tone your legs. Then, using just your bodyweight, you’ll blast out a plyometric interval move that pushes your heart rate to its max! And the best part about interval training is that is takes less time because the short, intense intervals are far more effective than long, moderate intensity workouts. This is definitely the way to go for busy people! So grab some weights and a bottle of water and join us for this leg and glute workout! And for more 10-minute workouts make sure you check out our entire GHU TV library!

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2 Responses to “10-Minute Legs and Glutes Workout 1”


    Great workout

  2. Carol

    WOW. I did this earlier in the week and I can still feel it. Awesome 10-minute workout, and if the burn is any indication I expect results. Thank you Shelley!

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