Jodi Sussner

10-Minute Low Impact Interval Workout

Jodi Sussner
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Duration:   11  mins

So you want to do interval training but you are afraid of all the jumping and pounding on your joints? Welcome to our 10 Minute Low Impact Interval Workout! This low impact interval workout will give you all the intensity and challenge of an interval workout without all the impact on your joints! This low impact interval workout is not only kick-butt for your muscles and heart rate, but it can be done in 10 minutes, saving you time and giving you fewer excuses to skip that workout!

Join our trainer Jodi Sussner as she guides you through fun and different ways to get your heart pumping without the jumping and pounding that you might get in so many other interval programs. Jodi has a great way of showing you that hard work through intervals does not have to mean jumping lunges or squat hops! You can work hard while maintaining your low impact goal.

In addition, she will give you options in case some of the moves don’t work for you. If you enjoy this low impact interval workout and want more workouts like this, check out our low impact training program called LIFT. In addition, if you are looking for a low impact workout with a little different style you might enjoy our low impact barre workout.

Interval training is such a great way to exercise. Changing the level of your heart rate to keep the body guessing is a more effective way to burn calories than a steady-state bout of exercise. For instance, the use of high intensity intervals for 20 minutes can burn as many calories as a 60-minute moderate walk. Fitting interval workouts into your training should be done two to three times a week. After this workout check out our 10-Minute Bodyweight Intervals. You will love that one too!

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One Response to “10-Minute Low Impact Interval Workout”

  1. raq0618

    Great morning workout when short on time!! Thanks

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