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Fat Burning Cardio Walking

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Duration:   20  mins

Maybe you love to walk but you’re looking to shake up your routine. How does some indoor power walking sound to you? That is what you will get with this great indoor fat burning cardio walk routine that you can do right at home! This fun indoor cardio walking workout features both power walking in place as well as other fun low impact moves that will get your heart pumping while burning tons of calories. No equipment needed! Join trainers Chris Freytag, Jodi Sussner and Lindsay Bomgren for this fantastic and fun indoor power cardio walking workout.

Who should do this workout? If you are a beginner, this is good for you! If you are getting back into working out, this is good for you. And if you are just looking for that low impact cardio option, this is good for you! Why? Cardio walking is a great low impact way to burn fat, boost your energy and get your heart pumping. Plus, everyone can benefit from walking! Of course it is not always possible to go and walk outdoors. So this indoor walking workout gives you both the option to walk right inside your own home and also have a few friends on the screen to workout with! Chris, Jodi and Lindsay are fun, motivating and knowledgeable about fitness. They will get you moving and put a smile on your face! And when you want more low impact indoor workouts our LIFT workout series is all low impact and all fun! Try our LIFT Low Impact Cardio Core Workout!>

This workout starts with a nice gentle warm-up with some good reminders about the importance of posture when you walk. You’ll do a lot of walking in place but there’s also so much more! Side to side steps, hamstring curls, skaters, and knee lifts just to name a few. And if you get a little off track or can’t do some of the moves, Chris reminds you to just go back to that home base – the power walk! If you like this workout you should also check out our great Indoor Walking Workout for Beginners! Happy walking everyone!

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One Response to “Fat Burning Cardio Walking”

  1. Tara

    that was good. a nice change from all the other workouts

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