10 Minute Barre Core Workout

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If you are ready to sculpt your core and tone your body then Barre is an amazing choice for you! This 10 Minute barre core workout led by Lindsey Bomgren will help you sculpt and tone your midsection, bringing you closer to tighter abs in just 10 minutes! Plus you’ll get some great work for your glutes and lower back since those are all part of a strong, core foundation. This barre core workout uses the power of isometric holds and tiny pulsing movements that give giant results! Core strength comes from using the lower abdominal muscles. Lindsey will teach you how to engage lower abs, glutes and low back for more strength, better stability and good posture.

After a short warm-up you’ll go right into a plank hold with glute squeezes to start attacking the belly and glutes right away. Then you’ll move into fire hydrant lifts, scissor kicks and a 30-second boat pose hold. Lindsey will teach you that slower is better when it comes to working your core. Slow and steady is more challenging and more effective. Each and every movement is designed to help you learn to stabilize and control the center of your body. These exercises will not only increase your core strength but also improve your posture.

Once you go through a series of moves you have a chance to repeat the moves a second time to not only refine what you’ve done, but also give you a chance to work a little bit harder and give yourself a bit more of a challenge. You’ll be sure to feel tight abs and quivering legs by the time you are done with this barre core workout! If you like this routine you’ll also want to try our barre sculpt program and our core-conditioning workout.

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