Tish Watson

Tread and Shred - Lower Body Bootcamp 1

Tish Watson
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Duration:   33  mins

Are you looking for the perfect mix of both cardio and strength in one workout? This is the workout for you!! The Tread and Shred Bootcamp style class is a total body cardio and strength workout that’s both challenging and fun from start to finish.

Split your workout 50/50 between cardio done on the treadmill and strength work done on the floor to strengthen your lower body! This lower body bootcamp class will transform your body and mind through high-intensity speed, hills, and strength intervals. Your heart rate will continue to soar while specifically working the glutes and the legs. Runners and walkers alike will love this mixture of cardio and strength combined in one calorie torching workout!

What To Expect In This Workout:

  • – 15 Minutes of Cardio Drills on the Treadmill
  • – Block 1: Jogging/Running
  • – Block 2: Walking at an Incline
  • – Block 3: Jogging/Running

**Incline will be used throughout the treadmill portion of this workout.

15 Minutes of Strength HIIT for the Lower Body on the Floor
This lower body circuit will consist of lower body movements such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and more, working for 45 second bursts. You’ll complete each circuit twice, staying focused throughout this challenge but rewarding strength training workout. Pick up your medium to heavy set of dumbbells and be ready to HIIT the lower body hard today!

You will complete the first 15 minutes of this workout on the treadmill and the last 15 minutes on the floor working on lower body strength with dumbbells. This lower body circuit is intense and all about defining your muscles – no plyometrics involved, just strictly strength. In 15 minutes, Tish will guide you through lower body circuits designed to firm and tone your legs, buns, and more!

We all lead very busy lives and sometimes we only have 30 minutes to move our bodies. Instead of having to choose between doing cardio or strength that day, you will get the best of both worlds in one very sweaty and powerful session! Discover your strength, and your Get Healthy U TV Trainer Tish Watson will encourage you every step of the way!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Treadmill, Medium to Heavy Dumbbells
Instructor: Tish Watson

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