Jab Punch Crunch

Are you ready to burn calories, strengthen your core and seriously get in shape? Check out these kickboxing inspired workouts that get you punching, kicking and crunching your body into a leaner, stronger you!

Jab Punch Crunch is a series of kickboxing videos each with a unique focus, but each getting you to shed the extra fat by getting your heart rate going and strengthening your muscles by teaching you proper kickboxing technique. Trainer Chris Freytag is joined by Lindsey Bomgren and Leah Zahner making one fierce team that has tons of fun while they inspire you, push you, and encourage you to work at the intensity you need for your own unique body! Low impact options are provided.

Kickboxing is a workout that requires your entire body to be engaged throughout all moves. You’ll learn to keep your belly pulled in, shoulders pulled back and legs and glutes squeezed the entire time you work. Every move requires focus and concentration, but the results are amazing! You are guaranteed to shred those extra calories and sweat off anything left over! Your heart rate will stay up the entire time making it a big win for using your time wisely!

In Jab Punch Crunch Hiit you’ll use kickboxing moves to execute an amazing high intensity interval workout. Short bursts of high intensity moves are followed by short rests allowing you to catch your breath before the next burst! True to the hiit format, you’ll work as hard as you can during your interval making the entire experience amazing when you are done!

In Jab Punch Crunch Burner you’ll go through short, simple kickboxing routines to keep your heart rate in a steady fat-burning state while also keeping the workout interesting and super fun to perform! Finally, the Jab Punch Crunch Core workout has unique kickboxing moves that focus on amazing core strength.

All three are fantastic, but you don’t need to choose! You’ll definitely want to try all!

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  • 36:04

    Welcome to the most fun you could ever have doing high intensity intervals! This Jab Punch Crunch Hiit Workout is a combination of kickboxing moves and high intensity interval training. By the time you are done with this hiit workout you’ll be motivated and maxed out completely! During this workout trainer Chris Freytag will lead

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  • 22:52

    Looking for a way to burn some serious calories and fat while having a great time? Welcome to our Jab Punch Crunch Burner Workout. The “jab, punch and crunch” indicates we are using a kickboxing format to move, sweat and get your heart rate up! The “burner” means we are going to burn up some

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  • 22:29

    Ready to punch, crunch and sweat your way to a better core? This 20-minute jab, punch, crunch core workout is going to give you the core you are looking for with the fun of a kickboxing inspired routine. Not only that, but it is a solid cardio challenging so get ready to burn some fat

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