Trainer Challenge Calendar (GOLD Workouts)

If you’re finally ready to shape your body and really get fit -welcome to the Trainer Challenge! We’ve taken some of our favorite Gold Live Classes and arranged them to give you 28-days of fitness including everything from medicine ball challenges to yoga classes to everything in between. If you are a Gold member you know our weekly LIVE workouts are the bomb when it comes to fitness! Well these fun workouts are all saved in your Gold account and, with the push of a button, you can do them again any time you want! (Not a Gold member yet? Learn more here!) Of course, with all the great workouts offered it might be hard to know where to begin. So our Trainers have an awesome 28-day challenge laid out on a simple calendar put together just for you, our Gold members!

Start your week with Sweat and Sculpt led by Jodi and follow it up the next day doing Barre Boxing with Lindsey. You’ll find Medicine Ball Bootcamp, Walk and Sculpt and even some fun Cardio Dance all in one fun month! This 28-day challenge balances your fitness by mixing in both pilates and yoga and even gives you a few rest days to recover and reboot. If you want to get fit in a fun, challenging and different way, this is perfect for you. No more mindless workouts. Instead, have fun with our trainers and do something different each day. Not only is variety more exciting, but studies show it is more effective for getting in shape and losing weight. When you do the same thing day after day, you’re body no longer works as hard because it anticipates and memorizes your moves. With this 28-Day challenge you’ll keep both your mind and your body guessing. This will give you a bigger challenge with better results.

Our variety of instructors are there to motivate you with their yes-you-can attitude, and remind you that going Gold is the best decision you could make! Pin this calendar up where you can see it and mark your progress each day. You’re going to love the variety of fun, full-throttle workouts this 28-Day Trainer Challenge workout calendar has in store.

Workouts can be found here:

Sweat and Sculpt
Barre Boxing
Pilates Core Strength
Low Impact Fusion
Balance and Core
Medicine Ball Bootcamp
Blended Barre
Walk and Sculpt
BLT: Butt Legs Thighs
Cardio Dance
Buff Body Yoga