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2 Mile Endurance Walk Video Download




Video Download: 2 Mile Endurance Walk

This 2 mile walk is a fun, motivational workout that uses simple walking steps and movements to increase your physical endurance and improve your heart health.

Chris will walk along with you and keep you motivated during the entire 2 mile walk, encouraging you throughout and providing a variety of simple, easy to follow moves to make the time fly. The basic, low-impact walking step provides a solid home base that you can always return to as needed. In this 2 mile walk, expect to burn plenty of calories and fat as well as building strong, firm legs and buns. Best of all, you can do the entire thing in the comfort of your own home–any time, any season!

Equipment needed: None

Total Run Time: 32 minutes

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiments of any kind.

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