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Serious Strength: Lower Body Video Download


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Video Download: Serious Strength: Lower Body

In this lower body workout video, trainer Lindsey Bomgren teaches you the proper form and movement every step of the way. With help from trainers Chris Freytag and Leah Zahner you’ll learn how to establish good weight lifting habits and the right way to change your body for the good. This video is all about the lower body workout. You’ll get everything from squats to lunges to deadlifts! For each body part you’ll get 2 moves to superset your way to change and help you focus on that specific muscle group making you build muscle and burn fat more efficiently!

This heavy, slow, intentional strength workout gives you more time to focus on proper form to truly get the results you want. Lindsey coaches you through the proper form and range of motion. She will actually TEACH you how to lift weights the right way!