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Barre Strong: Barre Arms and Abs Workout Video Download


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Video Download: Barre Strong: Barre Arms and Abs Workout

Ready for some amazing arms and abs? Join Lindsay, Chris and Kate for this 20-minute barre arms and abs workout where you will work your upper body, arms and core muscles using a variety of barre and strength movements. If you haven’t tried a barre workout before, you will notice that many of the moves are smaller and more intense. In addition, you will do many repetitions! This will feel different than other things you have tried but you’ll notice your muscles burning very quickly!

Before you start this barre arms and abs workout grab yourself a few different sizes of dumbbells. You can use anything 2 pounds to 5 pounds weights. Even soup cans in your kitchen will work. And of course if you choose to skip the weights and just try range of motion with your own body that will work too!