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Serious Strength: Upper Body Video Download


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Video Download: Serious Strength: Upper Body

If you are ready for sculpted arms and shoulders and a beautiful back but you’re too afraid to lift heavy weights, then it’s time for you to try Upper Body Serious Strength with us!

In this upper body strength video, trainer Lindsey Bomgren teaches you the proper form and movement every step of the way. With help from trainers Chris Freytag and Leah Zahner you’ll learn how to establish good weight lifting habits and the right way to change your body for the good. This video is all about the upper body strength. You’ll get everything from chest, to arms, to back to shoulders! For each body part you’ll get 2 moves to superset your way to change and help you focus on that specific muscle group making you build muscle and burn fat more efficiently! Plus a bonus move at the end of each set just to make sure you feel it! Push-ups, chest fly, bent-over row and shoulder presses are just a few of the moves you’ll tackle in this one-stop upper body workout.