Tish Watson

Tread and Shred - Interval Run 1

Tish Watson
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Duration:   32  mins

As a runner, it’s important to switch up your training methods. Whether it’s speed work, endurance work, hill running, or interval running, they all have benefits that will play an important role in your training. This interval run is one you will want to do if you are looking to work on increasing your distance running. Distance running, also known as endurance running, will have you lacing up your shoes, turning on your treadmill and will have you logging miles before you know it.

Within this 30-minute run, trainer Tish Watson will lead you through 3 separate blocks of different time intervals. While there is the option to walk the recoveries, the challenge during this workout is to jog the recoveries.

Throughout the run you will find speeds and paces that allow you to continue running or jogging through the entire 30-minutes. You should think of this run very differently than you would a HIIT run. Where in a HIIT run you should be working at your maximum potential for shorter time intervals, this Interval Run will have you finding a pace that you can hold for the entire length of the run.

Whether you are a seasoned runner or you are totally new to running, all levels are welcomed in this run! Tish will encourage you to find a pace that you are proud of and that most importantly you are comfortable with. The focus of this workout is less on pushing your speed, and more on pushing your endurance and your willingness to keep running and not stop. Lace up your shoes and get ready to log some serious miles with this run! Let’s do this!

What To Expect In This Workout:

  • – 3-4 Minute Warm-Up
  • – 3 Blocks of Work
  • – Block 1 Time Intervals : Run 1 Minute, Walk 1 Minute
  • – Block 2 Time Intervals : Run 90 Seconds, Walk 1 Minute
  • – Block 3 Time Intervals : Run 2 Minutes, Walk 2 Minutes (BONUS in this round!)
  • – Cool Down

Will you be challenging yourself with this Interval Run 1?! Take advantage of a new way of training and working on your endurance runs with trainer Tish Watson! Take this run once every month and see how your mileage changes – you just might surprise yourself.

After taking this 30-Minute interval run it’s important that you take a few extra minutes to stretch and cool down your body. When your treadmill has come to a complete stop, grab your yoga mat and try this 10-Minute Total Body Stretch 2 Workout! This is the perfect way to unwind after a run and loosen tight muscles, while feeling strong and accomplished!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Treadmill
Instructor: Tish Watson

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