GHUTV Success Story: Robin

We’re so inspired by our Get Healthy U TV members, and love when we hear from them with stories about their fitness journeys. If you have a story you’d like to share about how GHUTV has helped you stay fit, healthy, and motivated to work out, be sure to reach out and let us know!


Name: Robin
State: Georgia
Age: 46
Height: 5’6’’
Success: 15 pounds so far!
(Your results may vary.)

My story started here:

I’ve never considered myself overweight. Out of shape, maybe? Even at my thinnest? Yes! But recently, I realized I was BOTH and had been in denial for a while. Something inside said “enough is enough” of not feeling like myself. My numbers at my annual checkups were also beginning to show concerns at the young age of 46! I HAD to do something. I even had someone ask me when my “baby” was due!! Eeeekk!!

My results were amazing:

Since the end of May I signed up to be a Get Healthy U TV member and I haven’t looked back! I’ve changed my diet and stick to that “no more than two days without a workout” rule. I’ve shed 15 pounds, lost inches, gained muscle, and gained my confidence back! My clothes fit so much better and I have so much energy to keep up with two teenagers and a 7 year old of my own as well as the class full of kindergarteners I teach. The picture on the left was taken February 2016 (three months before my “ah ha” moment) and on the right, September 2016.

My favorite workout on GHUTV:

My favorite workouts on GHUTV are the HIIT, Pilates, and Yoga classes with Chris. Not that I don’t like the other yoga classes available but I like the shorter version for my schedule. I’ve even convinced my teaching assistant to work out right after school with me using GHUTV! My hope it that at least one busy mom will read this and say “Hey, this is so me!” and be inspired to make that change.

My favorite thing about GHUTV:

My favorite thing about GHUTV is Chris Freytag, but I love the convenience that my co-teacher and I can change after school and do the workouts right there in the classroom! I love how the workouts are quick yet effective. I’m left without any more excuses that “I don’t have time!” I also look forward to watching Lunch and Learns on the Get Healthy U Facebook page and the monthly live Q&A sessions Chris does. I admire her opinions and she’s such a wealth of great info, especially for women my age!

A big thank you to Robin for sharing your story with us. Keep up the wonderful work! YES U CAN!

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One Response to “GHUTV Success Story: Robin”

  1. Patti

    Way to go! I am also a teacher and hang with Chris doing yoga and walk and tone at age 60!