Benjamin Allen

GROOV3 Section 1: Dance Workout Warm Up

Benjamin Allen
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Duration:   13  mins

Looking for a fun new workout you can do in the comfort of your own home? The workouts in GROOV3, led by Benjamin Allen, are upbeat dance workouts for people of all fitness levels. In this quick dance workout warm up, Benjamin will show you some basic movements that you’ll utilize in the rest of the workouts in the GROOV3 Program. You’ll get your heart rate up and warm up your muscles and joints as you start to dance along to the music and burn calories at the same time.

This dance workout warmup starts out nice and easy with simple movements like side to side step touches and hip swings. Benjamin will introduce you to moves that start with the lower body and then add the upper body to make it a full movement. You’ll get your heart pumping and start to sweat as you warm up different muscle groups. In the first part of this dance workout warmup, Benjamin will show you the basic movements and isolations and then the second half of the warm-up you’ll flow through the sequence as an eight-count set of movements at a faster pace. It only takes a little over ten minutes, and you’ll feel amazing and ready to tackle more dance workouts after you’re done.

Throughout this warm-up Benjamin encourages you to do as much as you can, the best you can. This dance workout warm up is for people of all fitness levels, and you don’t need any dance experience to do it. It will introduce you to moves you’ll use in the rest of the dance workouts in the GROOV3 program, and you’ll start to burn calories and build confidence listening to Benjamin’s encouraging words as you dance to the movement. If you want more dance workouts, be sure to check out the Sweating Sexy dance program, too!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Bodyweight
Instructor: Benjamin Allen

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