Tread and Shred – Power Pyramid Walk 1

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Duration: 32:04

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What’s low impact on the joints, adds years to your life, and is great for your cardiovascular health? Walking!! That’s right – fitness doesn’t need to be complicated! In fact, it can be just as easy as walking. And that’s exactly what we are going to do in this power pyramid walk. Get ready to spice things up with this power walk and enjoy the muscle burn you’re going to feel when you are finished!

In this power pyramid walk we are going to focus on increasing our incline throughout the 30-minute workout. While also focusing on speed, throughout this workout we are going to encourage you to increase the resistance beneath your legs by increasing the incline over time. By increasing the incline over time, we are going to build leg strength, increase aerobic capacity, and of course high five each other when we get to the top of the pyramid!

Trainer Tish Watson is going to motivate you to push yourself to the highest point of the pyramid. Of course, every interval and incline increase is only a suggestion, so make modifications as needed. If adding another increase to your incline is too much, stay where you are. Or if you’re looking to go a little further, take your incline (or your speed) up one point higher than suggested. Tish will encourage you along the way, but we want you to make it your workout!!

What To Expect In This Workout:

  • – 3-5 Minute Warm-Up
  • – Increase incline to go up to the top of the pyramid
  • – Decrease incline to go back down to flat ground
  • – Cool Down

Imagine yourself climbing up your favorite mountain, taking a moment at the top to take it all in, and then gradually making your way back down to the bottom. That’s exactly what you are going to accomplish during this 30-minute treadmill walk. By the time you have finished this walk, you are going to feel proud and let’s not forget about the burn you’ll feel throughout your entire back side! Your hamstring, glutes, and calves are going to be worked as you climb your way up an incline. Come join trainer Tish Watson as she leads you through this inspiring power walk!

To finish out your power walk, add on this 10-minute Feel Your Core workout. Remember that we use our core a lot during our walking workouts so we need to maintain a tight and strong middle section!