Chris Freytag

Core Connection

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   30  mins

Love to walk but want to strengthen your core? How about doing both at once! This low impact routine will give you a great core workout while you get your heart rate up and burn calories with an indoor power walk. Join Trainers Lindsey Bomgren, Jodi Sussner and Chris Freytag for this fun, energetic and uplifting workout that will challenge your core and burn your fat!

Whether you’ve been walking for a while or are just starting out you’ll be able to follow along for a low impact but highly energetic walking routine! While you walk Lindsay does an amazing job incorporating a standing core workout into the picture. Core strength is so important to your health so it’s always good to find a workout routine to strengthen your core!

Get ready to discover that you do not need to lay down on a mat for a core workout! By pulling the belly toward the spine and adding a variety of moves you will feel the abs getting stronger all the way through. Your waistline is going to be challenged! In addition, the low impact movement in your legs is going to burn some calories and fat too.

Walking in place is the base move and you can always return to it when needed. In fact we have an entire Walk and Tone program of workouts that you need to check out! But the variety of this power walking core workout is a huge part of the fun. You’ll rock back and forth, step side to side, lift your knees and so much more! These are moves you’ve never even thought of but you’ll love! You’ll even get a fun little unexpected “booty pop”! No matter what you do the best part is that you are in your own home and you get to choose! In fact our at-home low impact cardio and core workout! Happy walking everyone!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Bodyweight, Mat
Instructor: Lindsey Bomgrem

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