• 32:52

    Walk, Sweat, Sculpt – Upper Body

    Want to sculpt and shape your upper body while getting your steps in too? If so, welcome to the Walk, Sweat Sculpt Upper Body Workout. Walk and sculpt your upper body in this fun and energetic 30 minute workout good for beginners or those looking for low impact! You’ll work chest, triceps and biceps all…

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  • 11:55

    10-Minute Low-Impact Circuit Workout

    Are you looking for a quick and effective 10-minute workout you can do anywhere, anytime? This 10-minute low-impact circuit workout is easy on the joints and uses only bodyweight so you don’t need any equipment. The compound exercises engage multiple muscle groups at the same time, increasing your heart rate, and burning up calories. A…

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  • 11:47

    10-Minute TRX Beginner Workout

    Maybe you’ve heard of the TRX but never tried it. Perhaps you’ve seen them in the gym and wanted to explore but had no idea where to start. This 10-minute TRX beginner workout will be the perfect way to introduce you to the world of TRX and give you a full body workout in just…

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  • 10-Minute Towel Pyramid Workout

    10-Minute Towel Pyramid Workout

    Looking for muscle strength and cardio all in one ten minute workout? This fun pyramid workout will tone your muscles and work your total body in just 10 minutes. All you need for this pyramid workout is a towel and your own bodyweight. Pyramid workouts are super fun because you are constantly changing up the…

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  • Lower Body Exercise for Beginners

    10-Minute Lower Body Exercise for Beginners

    Are you ready to tone and shape your legs and butt? Join us for this 10-minute beginner lower body exercise plan that doesn’t use any squats or lunges whatsoever! Using some challenging but attainable beginner moves, this beginner lower body exercise program will help you tighten your hamstrings and activate your glutes using low impact…

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  • 10-Minute Resistance Band Workout

    10-Minute Resistance Band Workout

    If you need the ability to workout anytime and anywhere, this 10-minute resistance band workout is perfect for you! All you need is your energy and a resistance band and you’re ready to go! In just 10 minutes you can strengthen and tone your body from head to toe! This is the perfect workout for…

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  • 11:01

    10 Minute Stability Ball Abs with Intervals

    Welcome to our 10 Minute Stability Ball Abs with Intervals workout. This workout will target your core muscles to help you strengthen your midsection and banish belly fat using interval style segments. If you’ve been looking for a new way to flatten your tummy and finally gets some results for a stronger core, there is…

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  • 10 Minute Yoga for Back Pain

    10 Minute Yoga for Back Pain

    Welcome to our 10 Minute Yoga Flow for Back Pain! Since nearly 80% of the people in the United States experience back pain at some point in their lives, the search for back pain relief is very real. This yoga for back pain flow sequence is designed to help relieve tension and stress in just…

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  • 11:41

    10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout

    Want a quick way to work your lower body? This 10-minute butt and thigh workout is for you! Led by Leah Zahner, this 10-minute workout strings together continuous exercises with minimal rest in between, to help you get more done in less time.You’ll tone your glutes, thighs, and legs and also burn some calories and…

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