Beginner Program 1.0 Calendar

Updated January 2020

Whether you’re getting back into working out, need a place to start, or just want to go over the foundations of an exercise program, this Beginner Program 1.0 is where you will want to get started! With a plethora of workouts available on Get Healthy U TV, it can feel overwhelming to get started. That’s why we have created this 28-Day Beginner Program 1.0 for you to follow along with and take the guessing out of which workout to do each day!

With each workout, you will notice that we have a dynamic warm-up before the actual workout, followed by a 5 minute cool down consisting of cooling down the muscles. It is important to start each workout with a dynamic warm-up getting the muscles ready to work! Your Beginner Program 1.0 Calendar includes a variety of Premium workouts like indoor walking, 10-minute workouts, low-impact workouts, yoga, and beginner strength workouts to help you burn fat, build muscle, and tone you head to toe!

From Chair Strength, Indoor Power Walking, and Walk Sweat Sculpt workouts, you will repeat each workout only once throughout the month. The reason we have you repeating the workout 2 times within a month is so that you can see and track your progress as you continue to build strength and confidence. What you may notice is that you are able to pick up a heavier pair of dumbbells, or maybe your heart rate comes down quicker after a cardio session! These are true signs of strength!

ADOR – Active Day of Rest are also incorporated each week. What is an ADOR you might ask!? An Active Day of Rest is a day to take off of “strenuous” workouts but a chance to still move your body. For example, maybe you take a walk with the dog, or you grab your foam roller and stretch out your sore muscles. These are all ways to actively move your body with the intention of letting our bodies recover from the other workouts we have done throughout the week! Remember, an ADOR is not a day to just “veg” out on the couch and not move all day! 🙂

As you follow the 28 Day Beginners Program Calendar, remember these are just suggestions. If you’re extremely sore or you want to swap out a different workout, by all means – YOU DO YOU!! We are here to help and remember take it day by day!! YES YOU CAN!

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiments of any kind.

  • 25:59

    Chair Program – Chair Conditioning

    Welcome to our Chair Conditioning Workout! This chair conditioning workout includes all parts of fitness including getting stronger, improving your cardio and strengthening your core. It’s the whole picture of fitness! This workout is great for beginners who are just getting started or those new to exercise. It’s also great for those who have fallen…

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  • 28:22

    Chair Program – Chair Strength

    Want to lift weights and get strong but have some limited mobility? Maybe you are a senior with some balance challenges but you know the importance of strength training. Perhaps you are in a boot but can’t imagine not exercising for 6 weeks. Welcome to our Chair Strength program designed to get anyone and everyone…

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  • 24:54

    Chair Program – Chair Cardio

    Welcome to our Chair Cardio workout! What if we told you it was okay to do jumping jacks, flutter kicks, jumproping and knee skips all while seated in a chair? Well we are here to tell you you CAN! If you really want a good workout but maybe have some limited mobility or some type…

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  • 31:47

    Walk, Sweat, Sculpt – Lower Body

    Want to sculpt and shape your lower body while getting your steps in too? If so, welcome to the Walk, Sweat, Sculpt Lower Body Workout. In this fun lower body workout we’ll use strength movements to tone the glutes and leg muscles while completing and upbeat walking routine. Rainy day? Doesn’t matter, this indoor workout…

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  • 32:52

    Walk, Sweat, Sculpt – Upper Body

    Want to sculpt and shape your upper body while getting your steps in too? If so, welcome to the Walk, Sweat, Sculpt Upper Body Workout. Walk and sculpt your upper body in this fun and energetic 30-minute workout good for beginners or those looking for low impact! You’ll work chest, triceps, and biceps all while…

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  • Indoor Interval Walking Workout

    Indoor Interval Walking Workout

    Love to walk but looking for a little boost in your workout? Interval walking might be just the solution for you! This fun indoor interval walking workout features low impact moves that will get your heart pumping while burning tons of calories. No equipment needed! Join trainers Chris Freytag, Jodi Sussner and Lindsay Bomgren for…

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  • Fat Burning Cardio Walking

    Fat Burning Cardio Walking

    Maybe you love to walk but you’re looking to shake up your routine. How does some indoor power walking sound to you? That is what you will get with this great indoor fat burning cardio walk routine that you can do right at home! This fun indoor cardio walking workout features both power walking in…

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  • Power Walking Workout: Tone Every Zone

    Tone Every Zone Walking Workout

    If you love to walk but also want to shape and tone your muscles then this power walking workout we call Tone Every Zone is just the plan for you! Using some light hand weights you will tone the muscles all over your body plus burn lots of calories with the indoor power walking workout!…

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  • Pilates Abs Workout

    10 Minute Pilates Abs Workout

    If you are looking to strengthen your core, flatten your belly and have a healthier back, you need to give this 10 Minute Pilates Abs Challenge a try! You don’t need a big time commitment or a trip to the gym to get strong and fit. If you have 10 minutes in your day you…

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  • Indoor Walking Workout

    Indoor Walking Workout for Beginners

    Want a quick indoor walking workout to get your heart pumping and burn some calories? If you’re just getting started with exercise or getting back to your workouts after some time off, this indoor walking workout for beginners is perfect for you! Chris Freytag will lead you through this 10-minute routine, encouraging you to do

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  • Yoga Stretch

    Yoga Stretch 1

    This 10-minute yoga sequence is a great introduction to the practice. In as little as 10 minutes you will enjoy numerous yoga poses and begin improving your strength and flexibility, increasing your energy, reducing stress, and gaining an overall sense of physical and mental well-being. Chris’s step-by-step instruction can help anyone try yoga for the first time. If you are already an experienced yogi, you may just enjoy this 10-minute yoga for its calming qualities.

    Equipment needed:

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  • Yoga Stretch

    Yoga Stretch 2

    Yoga Stretch 2 is the perfect introduction to the practice of yoga and a complement to Yoga Stretch 1. This practice can help increase your strength, improve your energy, lower your stress, and help you feel more mindful throughout your entire day–all in just 10 minutes.

    Equipment needed:

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  • Power Walk Workout

    One-Mile Power Walk

    This fun, energizing, walking workout is designed to get you started on your fitness journey or keep you going in the right direction! This brisk, invigorating power walk will burn fat, tone your legs and buns and promote good posture as you learn to keep your abs engaged. With easy to follow, low impact walking moves, Chris will motivate you and keep you moving the entire time. Before you know it, you’ll accomplish your steps for the day right in the comfort of your own home. Try this power walk workout for an overall leaner body and healthier heart.

    Equipment needed:

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