Chris Freytag

Chair Program - Chair Strength

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   28  mins

Want to lift weights and get strong but have some limited mobility? Maybe you are a senior with some balance challenges but you know the importance of strength training. Perhaps you are in a boot but can’t imagine not exercising for 6 weeks. Welcome to our Chair Strength program designed to get anyone and everyone moving again! Through the use of a chair you can pick up weights and get strong without risking falls, further injuries or any other limitations. This program is for everyone! Just get yourself a sturdy chair with a strong surface and a set of hand weights or perhaps even soup cans that you can lift.

This chair strength workout is all about muscle. Muscle is the secret to great metabolism because it burns more calories than fat. Muscle is the key to staying strong and young because it protects your joints and connective tissue. Staying strong is a key to aging well! No problem here because even in a chair you are going to strengthen all your major muscles in our chair strength workout! Chris and Sam and going to start you off with back strengthening mid-back rows and then move right into the opposing muscle group with chest presses and flyes. Giving your upper body a quick break you’ll focus next on some leg lifts, but then it’s back to shoulder presses which you are going to discover are even more challenging in a chair than they are standing! By the time you finish this chair strength workout you will get every muscle group worked! IF you enjoy this workout you might like our Pilates on the Stability Ball workout as well. It teaches you how to find core strength using the stability ball.

One of the keys is to make sure you know your own body. Move faster or slower as needed. Even putting the weights down and just going through the range of motion is good for you! The best part of working out with us in the comfort of your own home is that you get to move any way that works best for you with no judgement or comparisons! Just do you! So grab a chair and weights, hit “play”, and do some chair strength with us!

Level: Beginner
Equipment: Light to Medium Dumbbells, Chair
Instructor: Chris Freytag

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