Fat Burning Beginner


EQUIPMENT: Light, Medium & Heavy Dumbbells, Mat

You are never too late or too old to get moving. You are never too late or too old to take your health seriously. You are never too late or too old to get healthy!

This 28-Day calendar is put together with workouts that are perfect for beginners—whether you’re working out for the first time in decades or just trying to get started again – we can help you lose weight and look/ feel better.

Our motivating trainers will move slowly, talk you through good form and provide you with modifications so you can work within your fitness level.

Each Beginner Fat-Burning Workout will have you working up a sweat and melting those pounds off—all in the comfort of your own home. We have strength, cardio, flexibility to help you start to get stronger, lose weight and have more energy!

Throughout the month long calendar you will repeat the Fat Burning Beginner Workouts Twice so that you can see and track your progress after doing them a second time. Allow yourself to be a beginner at any age-check out Get Healthy U TV’s newest Beginner Fat-Burning Calendar today!