Walk Sweat Sculpt Total Body

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Duration: 45:44

This is our ultimate total body sculpt and cardio format for those who like to walk and lift! Get your steps in and use your muscles during this Walk Sweat Sculpt Total Body workout led by Chris Freytag. In this fun total body workout, we’ll use intervals of strength exercises alternating with intervals of indoor walking.

Rainy day? Doesn’t matter, this indoor workout gets you moving inside no matter what the weather is. The beauty of doing a 45-minute walk and sculpt workout is that you don’t have to worry about time of day or the weather outside. You walk indoors.

This total body sculpt and walking combination is great because it provides low impact walking that both beginners and experienced exercisers can do, along with simple but challenging compound muscle group moves that tone and strengthen all your muscles. A great program to get both cardio and strength in one workout!

The workout begins with five minutes of some fun walking and warm up movements. Next up you’ll grab those dumbbells and start squatting, sculpting and working all your muscles.

So grab some dumbbells, and join us for a little fun walking and toning together!

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Level: All Levels
Equipment: Heavy, medium or light dumbbells, mat
Instructor: Chris Freytag

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