2,000-Step Walking Workout

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Duration: 22:39

We are back with another fun and exhilarating walking workout. If you are looking for a shorter workout, we have you covered with this quick and heart pumping 2,000-step walking workout! The beauty of walking is that almost anyone can do it! Walking is good exercise for all ages, sizes and athletic capabilities. Of course, a good walk outside is, unfortunately, NOT always available!

Sometimes we are prevented from walking due to poor weather, lack of daylight, unsafe neighborhoods, or maybe you just don’t like to be alone when you walk. That’s why we have created this super fun and effective indoor 2,000-step walking workout. Instead of walking alone you can join Sam Cam, Patty and Shannon and walk along with them. This is a great cardio workout that will exercise your heart, use your muscles, and clear your mind!

Trust us, this workout is so much more than just walking in place. You will march, step side to side, grapevine and so much more. There are even some fun dance moves thrown in that you can join along with or just keep the home base walking! Everything is low impact, but everything will keep your heart rate pumping.

With a nice fast rhythm to walk to, the pace of this workout will not only get you moving but keep you accountable. Of course the pace and movement your coaches provide is NOT the pace you need to keep. Like we always say: progress, NOT perfection. If you slow down or choose to skip some of the moves, that’s okay! Just move along with us the best you can and celebrate your body and your ability to move! Let’s get walking!!

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Level: All Levels
Equipment: Bodyweight
Instructor: Sam Cameranesi

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