Chris Freytag

Premium Pilates-Yoga Fusion 2

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   34  mins

Premium Pilates-Yoga Fusion 2 is the perfect blend of Pilates and yoga, flexibility and core strength, to really work intensity without a lot of impact. This fusion workout will go between Pilates exercises and yoga poses, calling upon your core strength and your balance.

The Pilates portion of the workout will remind you to breathe using your core and back muscles. The yoga portion will stretch and lengthen your muscles. This workout targets your entire body and leaves you feeling strong and stretched!

Remember, Pilates movements are slow, controlled, and very focused. Just when your core muscles are fatiguing, you’ll go into amazing yoga poses that will relieve the tension and let you stretch. That’s the beauty of the blend of Pilates-yoga fusion.

You get the movements to make you strong and burn calories, and you get the stretch to help you recover and have healthy muscles, joints, and connective tissue. This workout is continuous and challenging but gentle on your joints.

If you love Pilates, try our Premium Pilates 2 workout for some more amazing core work, or step it up a notch to our Cardio + Core Burner 5 workout to get a sweat on.

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