Menopause Muscle Builder Calendar (Includes GOLD Workouts)

Created October 2021 Join us for this 28-day challenge to take on menopause and build your muscle! Resistance training, strength training, and cardio will help you manage your weight and hormones, no question. It’s easy to avoid which is why we will be doing this challenge together! How you move and what you eat has never been so important as it is in this season of life. You will be doing three days of strength, one day of cardio, and one day of yoga each week. That allows for two full days of rest to let your muscles and joints recover. If you are super sore from the workouts, back off a little and take an extra day of rest. If you are feeling great, grab a heavier pair of dumbbells for the next workout. We are all about progress, not perfection! You can stop the decrease of muscle mass as long as you are actively working to replace it!