Allison Holker

Ballroom Basics: Cha-Cha Dancing 2

Allison Holker
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Duration:   31  mins

Get up off your feet and get ready to try some ballroom cha-cha dancing with Allison Holker. Known for her appearance on So You Think You Can Dance and spouse to the well-known Steven Twitch Boss, Allison is an amazing dancer and teacher. This cha-cha workout is full of spicy feet, spicy arms, and all-around spicy choreography that is fun and energized!

Whether you are a dancer at heart or just a beginner, Allison breaks it down to help you learn. Her fabulous smile and kind demeanor make it fun even if you are new to ballroom dance. Dancing is one of the most fun, energizing ways to get your workout in without even feeling like it is a workout. Your heart rate will go up, but you are too busy having fun and learning new things to notice until you’re done!

This Cha-Cha Dancing 2 workout is a follow-up from Cha-Cha Dancing 1. You’ll have a few familiar steps that Allison brings back, mixed with a bunch of new moves. Just like her previous classes, Allison has mastered the art of teaching you little by little, and before you know it, you’ve learned a whole new dance learned and completed a great workout! Not only that, the next time you’ve got a wedding to attend or feel like grooving at the club, you’re going to have a lot more fun!

Lock step, drag ball change, around hit and so much more! If you don’t know them now, once you’re finished with Cha-Cha Dancing 2, you’ll have them down! With Allison, Kaylen, and Gustavo, you’ll have the chance to see how this dance looks different on everyone, reminding you that there’s no wrong way to dance! So jump into Cha-Cha Dancing 2 and love the way you feel when your body moves!

Level: All Levels
Equipment: Bodyweight
Instructor: Allison Holker

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