Boost Your Immunity Calendar (Includes GOLD Workouts)

Created November 2018 Another 28-day calendar brought to you by one of our very own motivated Get Healthy U TV members!! With the help from a member herself, this calendar combines a little bit of everything! Making sure to hit every muscle group in a different way, there are few rest days throughout this calendar, giving you a feel for some serious muscle building! If you are looking to sculpt and tone your muscles while using some of our “oldest” GOLD workouts, then this is the calendar for you! And when we say “oldest” workouts, don’t be fooled into thinking they are any easier than the newer ones. In fact, busting out some of our very first GHUTV Videos may surprise you at how fun and even more challenging they are. Whether this is your first time doing a calendar with us, or maybe you’ve done them all, try this member-made calendar with some of her favorite workouts and some of ours as well. It’s great to go back and do some of the workouts you may have forgotten about for a while. You will find a good mixture of cardio kickboxing, barre, HIIT workouts, and yoga workouts to really switch up the focus of training each day. Take the cardio kickboxing days as a day to focus on steady state cardio. Then you’ll find resistance band workouts and HIIT workouts focusing on strength using different pieces of equipment. And finally, yoga workouts are a great way to serve your muscles in a slower and more calm manner. Instead of taking a full-on rest day, use the yoga days as a chance to still move your body in space without pounding on your joints. Boost Your Immunity is a great calendar to follow if your goal is to have a wide variety of workouts that challenges your body and mind daily!