Skip the Gym: The Benefits of Working Out at Home

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A major component to lifelong health is consistent exercise. But finding the time, money, and motivation for regular workouts can be far from simple. Most people think they need to belong to a fancy gym to have the equipment and guidance necessary to reach their fitness goals. Not so!

As we’ll touch on in this post, a gym membership has its cons – and there are definitely benefits to working out at home on your own time! Learn why you don’t necessarily need to go to the gym to reach your fitness goals, and how working out at home can make getting in shape easier – and faster – than ever.

Drawbacks to Working Out at a Gym


While we’re all for whatever helps you get in shape the best, the truth is that a gym membership can be expensive. Did you know that a typical gym membership costs 60 dollars or more per month? That totals a whopping 720 dollars a year. Of course, we all want to invest on our health, but many people simply can’t afford that kind of financial commitment.

Time Commitment

Going to the gym can take up a lot of your time – driving there, heading to the fitting room, showering, etc. – and there are plenty of days when you might not have that kind of time. Not only that, but finding a group fitness class that works with your schedule can be frustrating.


If you’re like most people, you’d like to limit the amount of time you spend in your car stuck in traffic. And unless you live next door to a gym, spending that extra time in the car driving to and from your workouts can add up! The time spent in your car driving can sometimes be longer than your actual workout.

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Benefits of Working Out at Home


What if you could work out in the comfort of your home for less than the cost of one latte per month? Get Healthy U TV is membership service that lets you stream workouts online for just 5 dollars a month – a lot more affordable than 60 bucks a month! With that extra money, you can invest in other healthy options for your family like groceries, a health savings account, or even a vacation.

Workout Anytime, Anywhere

Some people love to work out first thing in the morning, others prefer a late-night workout session. With GHUTV, you can workout at your convenience, instead of trying to move other things around in your schedule to accommodate a fitness class at a gym.


Working out at home with GHUTV is like having a personal trainer right in your living room – available on your time. The instructors at GHUTV guide you through the proper techniques for every move, provide modifications for different fitness levels, and always explain what equipment you may need. Many of the workouts on GHUTV show you how to get an amazing workout with just your own bodyweight, but if there is equipment being used, it’s usually just dumbbells or a stability ball – both affordable items that you may already have in your home.

GHUTV has tons of workouts like high intensity interval training, these indoor walking workouts, beginner workouts, barre workouts, cardio kickboxing, dance workout, circuit workouts, Yoga Flowetry, Pilates and more. We created GHUTV to help you get fit while saving money and fitting in a great workout on your time schedule.

Give it a try and see how working out at home with GHUTV can be an easy and effective way to get in a workout. Go here for info on how you can sign up.

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