Chloe Freytag

5-Minute Breathing Meditation for Sleep

Chloe Freytag
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Duration:   8  mins

Better sleep can improve our overall health and speed recovery time for the body. Use this left nostril breathing technique before bed, or at any time during your day, to increase your ability to relax and get your body into a deep restful state.

Level: All Levels
Equipment: No Equipment
Instructor: Chloe Freytag

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2 Responses to “5-Minute Breathing Meditation for Sleep”

  1. Rose Chiu

    Is this something you would suggest doing right before sleep to relax as well? or more effective if we did it while sitting up even if it’s right before we turn in?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Rose,

      Thank you for the question, here is the reply:

      Hi there:
      Great to hear from you. I have several suggestions for you to help calm you for a better nights sleep.
      First, make sure you have some down time with no t.v., computer, phone, or blue light of any kind. The blue light stimulates you and keeps you on edge.

      Second, we have an amazing series of meditation videos. NO: I’m not contradicting myself. You can practice the meditation ahead of time and still leave time following to wind down . You can do the meditation earlier in the day and bring it back to top of mind right before bed. Here is a link to the one from our series:

      Meditation for Sleep

      there are others meditations in the series so check those out too.
      Finally, make sure you are mindful of what you eat in the evening. Remember that sugar is a stimulant so you’ll want to have time after eating and before bed to let your body digest and rest.

      I hope this helps.


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