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Chair Mobility and Stretch

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Duration:   20  mins

It is our goal at Get Healthy U TV to keep you active and living a healthy lifestyle throughout all stages of life. Whether you are a beginner to exercise, coming back from a surgery or injury, or looking for something new in your workout journey, we have options for you!

Chair mobility and stretch is a great way to boost your overall mobility and get your body moving! This chair mobility and stretch is gentle on the joints and low impact to help strengthen and lengthen your muscles. Chris incorporates some yoga poses along with basic stretches to help keep your body healthy. “Motion is lotion” is our motto at Get Healthy U TV. To avoid being stiff and sore, you need to move your joints in a healthy range of motion and this workout will do just that.

In this 20-minute chair mobility and stretching we will show you the benefits of stretching your muscles and show you some of the best exercises to dive deep into the muscle. This workout will include some of the following exercises:

  • Seated Forward Fold — Extending the legs long in front of you to feel a stretch through the back sides of your hamstrings and glutes.
  • Seated Pigeon Pose — A great stretch for the hips and lower back. Add this one into your daily routine especially if you are someone who sits at a desk or in a chair for extended periods of time throughout the day.
  • Seated Side Angle Pose — A pose often used in yoga, to stretch out the sides of the body. This will give you a great foundation using both your legs and upper body on how to do a side angle pose with the support of your chair beneath you.

Remember, mobility and stretching doesn’t mean you have to be flexible. In fact, a workout like this chair mobility and stretch workout will guide you through more beginner exercises to help you grasp the form and breath work. If you’re looking for another guided mobility and stretch workout off the chair, try this 10-minute morning yoga stretch routine. And of course feel free to modify and take it at your own pace!

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