Barre Sculpt & Strong Calendar

Updated May 2021

Jump into this 28-day calendar to sculpt lean legs, toned arms, defined abs, and firm glutes. These barre-inspired workouts blend ballet, Pilates, isometric holds and functional strength training to give you a heart-pumping workout and tone your body from head to toe. If you follow this calendar, you’ll start toning and sculpting with workouts from both Barre Sculpt and Barre Strong Programs. From Barre Strong Total Body Sculpt and Shred to Move Barre Legs and Move Core, you’ll work all your muscles! You’ll also have two days off the first week, and two “cardio of choice” workouts.

Each week you will see new workouts, progressively getting more intense, working up to weeks three and four which only leave you with one day off each. Each of these Barre-inspired workouts targets multiple muscle groups, using everything from cardio moves and plyometric work to bodyweight exercises and strength training moves with dumbbells.

A combination of Barre Strong and Barre Sculpt workouts, we start this calendar with a workout from Barre Strong, an intense program with tiny but impactful moves building heat in the muscles. The goal with these unique movements is to keep time under tension for as long as possible. Get ready to shake with this program! Move Barre Sculpt uses strengthening moves dancers have used for years to tone long and lean legs, help you define your transverse abdomens and obliques to get you that lean and strong core you’ve always wanted. Combined with a few cardio options of your choice, this program is going to make you shake, sweat, and burn over the next 28 days!

With detailed instruction and plenty of variety, with little repeat workouts, you’ll never get bored with these dynamic workouts. No formal dance training is necessary for barre workouts—and all you’ll need is your own bodyweight, a mat, a pair of lightweight dumbbells, and a mini ball. You will notice in most videos we have a folding chair nearby for balance, so feel free to pull up a chair or hang onto something of the proper height for stability. You also may want to keep water and a towel nearby, because these high-intensity workouts will make you sweat!

All exercises you perform are your own responsibility and you perform them at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before starting any physical exercise, fitness or wellness regiments of any kind.